As the Chairman of Alvi Group, I believe that our company is committed to provide a very high-quality service to our customers, and shareholders. The company has efficient and hardworking staffs coordinated by our highly qualified management. Our company believe in quality and sustainability. We give more importance to quality rather than quantity. From the beginning of our establishment, we are working hard to stay transparent to our valuable customers.

Alvi group and its sister concerns are proud to serve Bangladesh & some of foreign countries such as Malaysia, Uzbekistan and Kenya where we have our operations. Day by day Alvi group is expanding its businesses and playing an effective role as a revenue generator for the country. Alvi group feels proud to be a part of the development of our country and achieving the goal of vision 2021.


Our aim is to march on the road holding hands to hands of our admirers, well-wishers, valued customers and our employees to achieve prosperity for the Group and the nation.

This website contains information about ALVI Group and its sister concerns. ALVI GROUP appreciate to receive any valuable suggestions and remarks to improve and enrich this website.

Khan Md. Iqbal

Chairman & Managing Director

Alvi Group